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Disain is a high end designer brand with an unmistakable style and great experience in craftsmanship furniture. Each creation is more than a piece of furniture, it’s a piece of art. The uniqueness of each product is certified with a progressive archive number.

100% Italian Craftsmanship

Creativity, passion and ancient traditions handed down through the generations represents an invaluable contribution to Italian success in the world.

The integration of technology, tradition and extreme attention to details, ensures the creation of exclusive furnishing pieces for the most distinguished houses.

Throughout the years testing new materials and finishes, Disain has capitalized on an important know-how in the use of cement and metal resins.

Disain products are handmade in Italy by their experienced artisans.

Each creation requires between 20 and 50 hours of handcrafted work.

Before our products leave the workshop, they must go through a series of quality controls and tests to guarantee their perfection.


Disain creations are conceived, designed and handmade in Italy in our Workshops in Brescia, the city of the Mille Miglia located between Milan and Venice.

Via Antonio Bazzini 17, 25123 Brescia (BS) Italy